Overweight Dating

If you haven’t already guessed, overweight dating is targeted at larger than average females and males. With an ever increasing size of the population being overweight, there needs to be a service to provide for people who are carrying a few extra pounds. People carrying extra weight will not enjoy the experience of mainstream dating sites, and will look for niche sites that are setup to service their needs.

Overweight dating is of course a sensitive issue, yet in some ways it's a simple case of supply and demand - and the supply is certainly there - you only have to look around you to see that - there are plenty of people carrying an extra few pounds.

They say that size is only a number and if you’re comfortable in your skin and want to find the perfect partner who appreciates you for who you are then why not try look into sites such as this that provide for today's demand for overweight dating.

Let's face facts and not kid ourselves - we will never be skinny, never be size 0, we were just not born that way. Being overweight does not mean we should not have a fulfilling love life - and sex life for that matter. Weight doesn't deserve to be any more of an issue than height, hair colour, eye colour and so on. Overweight people often have a perception that they don’t deserved to be loved, but of course they do and in fact they are, and sites like this one are aimed well and truly at people who are carrying an extra pound or two.

If you are overweight, you shouldn't let fear of your weight hold you back. If you do, you are limiting yourself and your potential for happiness.

I remember settling and taking what I could get because I was afraid there was nothing else; nothing better. Then I came to a realization. Everyone cares whether or not other people like them - they really do. So, whether you feel you are short, fat, unintelligent, goofy, and so on, deep down we all care what other people think about us. Not only are overweight people affected by other people’s fear, humanity, health issues, etc. we are all affected by our fears and anxieties although at different levels. Everyone’s situation is going to be different and feel different. If we compare a woman who is 5’9", 120 pounds, blonde hair and blue eyes to a woman who is 5’9", 180 pounds with dark hair you may think that dating for the former is never a problem, but it is. Those slim blondes experience fear and challenges around dating too.

So, embrace what you are. Run a search and you will see plenty of other overweight singles who are looking for a partner too.

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